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View towards the back of the Pocket Park, morning 2nd March 2004
View over Island Pit, morning 2nd March 2004
Looking across the fields from Outgang Rd 28-01-04
Pocket Park from Outgang Rd 28-01-04
Island Pit 4-01-2004
Langtoft Pocket park on a frozen morning, 18-12-03
New Workings on a frozen morning, 18-12-03
ARC pit on a frozen morning, 18-12-03
Field 3 and then field 2 from near Park Farm. 6-12-03
Fields 1 & then 2 in the distance. Just make out field 3 beyond 2. Taken from near Pocket Park 6-12-03
Langtoft Pocket Park 6-12-03
ARC pit 27-11-03
New Workings 6-11-03
ARC pit 6-11-03 morning
New Workings 26-9-03
Long Pit 26-9-03

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